Celebrating Women in Trucking

September 27, 2019
Great Dane Women In Trucking

As a long-time supporter of Women In Trucking (WIT), Great Dane is proud to celebrate women and encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry. This past June, WIT named our very own Laura Roan Hays, Branch Manager of Great Dane Miami and Tampa, as their new chairwoman. Here’s what Laura had to say about her new role, and her advice for women looking to join this industry:

Q: What will your duties be as Chairwoman?

LRH: As part of the leadership team, I will work to ensure the WIT mission — to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize the obstacles they face — is carried out. It is all about education and awareness. We must continue the task of creating equality and educate others of the vast career opportunities available in the transportation industry.

Q: What’s your primary goal with this new position?

LRH: My goal is to help other young women who are entering the transportation industry by providing guidance, trust and empowerment. I was fortunate enough to have several fantastic mentors early in my career and unbelievable support today. Regardless of where you are in your career path, you can always use a mentor. It is so rewarding to see someone grow and become empowered by the encouragement you provide and the life lessons you share.

Q: What is your advice for women looking to join the transportation industry?

LRH: The first step is to learn as much as you possibly can. You have to be willing to ask a lot of questions, even if they seem trivial. Be a sponge – gain knowledge from the right people and make sure you surround yourself with individuals that are willing to listen and help guide you. And lastly, believe in yourself because we do. The opportunities in this industry are vast, so don’t be afraid to look outside the box. I did, and I haven’t looked back.

“I am truly grateful for everyone at Great Dane who welcomed me in early 2015 and treated me with the kindest regard and respect. I have always felt like my voice was being heard and that I was accepted as a member of the ‘team.’” – Laura Roan Hays

There are many smart, successful women who help keep Great Dane running smoothly, including Laura and our other Outside Saleswomen: Annie Tuggle, Mindy Cline and Deb Shenberger. These women are the face of Great Dane for our customers, and they do an incredible job representing the company and making sure all of our customers’ needs are met.