When it comes to getting your goods delivered safely and efficiently, don’t settle for second best. The Champion dry freight van features the most innovative trailer design in the industry. Crafted using the highest quality components and technology available, the Champion provides strength and innovation you can depend on to get the job done.

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A Strong Foundation

Excellence begins with a strong foundation, which is why the Champion’s floor system is designed for extreme strength and durability. The laminated hardwood floor is secured with two screws in an alternating pattern for strength in key high-stress areas. Available with optional protective coatings, you can trust the Champion floor system to support your heaviest loads.

Covered with Protection

Protecting your payload during transit requires a roof system that can withstand even the toughest forces – from haphazard cargo loading to extreme weather conditions. The Champion’s durable roof design features a tension-mounted aluminum roof sheet permanently bonded to galvanized, anti-snag roof bows, and then secured with two fasteners to the side rails for reinforcement.

Enduring Durability

There’s a lot riding on your trailer’s rear frame, so you need durability that won’t let you down. Great Dane’s exclusive EnduroGuard rear frame provides an effective barrier against corrosion that delivers enhanced durability and enduring appearance throughout the life of the trailer. The structurally superior rear frame design resists scaling, flaking and discoloration.

Champion Sheet-and-Post

Long Haul Super Duty
  • Sidewall protection provided by 10.25" high corrugated galvanized, roll-formed steel scuffband
  • Unique side door design featuring Great Dane's exclusive blade lock closure
  • Drop frame options available for added cubic capacity and more inside height
  • Multiple interior lining options allow for maximum interior width, durability, cargo securement plus weight and maintenance savings
  • Lining options include: PunctureGuard, HDPE Plastic, SSL Galvalume Steel, Insulated

Champion Composite

Long Haul Multi-tasker
  • For maximum cubic capacity, logistic posts are recessed at panel connection with smooth interior rivet heads for a true snag-free interior
  • Extreme floor strength with multiple rating options available
  • Full-length, one-piece extruded aluminum bottom rail with integral scuffband design adds strength, rigidity and protection
  • High-base rail option available for improved sidewall durability with 15" of extreme sidewall protection

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