Delivering greater safety for both drivers and pedestrians.


Great Dane's factory-installed 4-in-1 back-up alarm system features a Grote lamp that combines all stop, tail, turn and back-up functions into one single, industry-standard-size lamp. That means less time spent sourcing and stocking the right lamps and more time on the road. 

  • Only activates - sounding a horn and illuminating lights - when the wheels turn backward and does not come on when the trailer moves forward. 
  • Pre-engineered for easy installation, featuring an alarm horn and an integrated, white stop light so no additional lights need to be installed.
  • Completely independent of the ABS system on the brakes.
  • In refrigerated trailers, ReverseALERT's auxiliary battery can help provide power to the system if the tractor power cable is not plugged in.