Our Purpose

We champion the needs of our customers by ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods.


It’s a question we start asking as soon as we can speak and continue asking all throughout our lives: Why is the sky blue? Why doesn’t my phone work? Why are we here?

As a company, Great Dane is no stranger to its own “Why?” questions, but driven by our vision and supported by our values—we have found our answers. Check out the video below to find out – Why Great Dane? 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to be the champion for the transportation industry by putting our leadership into action every day. This means being an advocate for our customers, standing up for their needs and providing more than bottom-line solutions.

With our commitment, our customers are able to deliver the food we eat, build the homes we live in, and clean the water we drink. And this commitment is what has allowed Great Dane to build a reputation as an industry leader for more than 100 years

Our Values

Safety: Innovation is working smarter, and working safely is the smartest way to succeed. By putting safety first, we put each other and our customers first.

Leadership: Leadership begins with awareness – of our customer's needs, and our fellow employees' safety and success. We demonstrate leadership by meeting those needs with innovation and integrity.

Innovation: Champions create opportunities through leadership that values innovation. We strive for continuous improvement in both our products and our processes.

Integrity: Our commitment to customers is guided by our commitment to integrity. We work hard and do the right thing – in every interaction, every day.

Quality: At Great Dane, quality is more than a goal. It's an expectation. We demand quality that spans from our products to our relationships.

Passion: Our leadership is fueled by our passion to be champions for our customers and our fellow team members. We do more because we care more.

Great Dane Pride

"Great Dane isn't just a place where we work, it is part of who we are. We wear our Great Dane gear with pride. Pride for a company where people are important, quality service is essential and excellence is a way of life."  Get your Great Dane gear online at our Company Store.